1979-1995 Toyota Pickup Coilover Kit

1979-1995 Toyota Pickup Coilover Kit

This is a package deal on our control arms and coilover brackets.

Brackets: Bolt on coilover brackets for 2wd 1979-1995 Toyota pickup trucks.These allow for the use of a coilover shock and spring, eliminating the need for torsion bars. You gain more control over height adjustability and dampening while significantly improving your ride quality.

Control Arms: Fully adjustable control arms for 1979-1995 2wd Toyota Pickups. These control arms feature 304 Stainless Steel cross shafts, SPC Delrin race bushings and 6061 aluminum adjusting sleeves. They allow full control over camber adjustment without having to mess with shims. The ball joints are top quality Moog k772.

*** Control arms ship out dry, so you must grease the bushings and ball joints with a good moly grease prior to installation.***

Coilovers not included. The brackets are designed to work with QA1 and Vi-king shock bodies. To determine which shocks are going to work for your truck, measure your shocks at your current ride height. 7" springs are ideal so it clears your sway bar.

Additional parts needed for QA1 install:

2 - QA1 shock bodies (14" extended for drop spindles, 12.75" for factory spindles)

2 - 2.5" id 7" springs of your choosing (powder coated preferably)

2 - QA1 BAR305K 3" lower tbar kits (79-83)

2 - QA1 BAR355K 3.5" lower t-bar kits (84-95)

1- QA1 COM8T-102PK upper bearing mount (79-95)


Optional:QA1 7888-109 Thrust bearing kit

QA1 T114W Coilover Shock Adjusting Wrenches


Modifications: There is some trimming and cutting involved to install these brackets. The tip (approx 1/4") of the frame horn where the bump stop meets the frame. You will also need to remove the small threaded nubs on the lower control arms where the factory shock bolts in. Once these are removed the holes can be drilled to 3/8" to accept the lower tbar kit. Stock sway bars usually clear fine, aftermarket sway bars usually need the sleeves trimmed so they can be shortened.


Installation: It's super straight forward, drop the torsion bars out and remove the shocks. The old upper control arms come out and it's time to make the cuts and drill the lower control arms to 3/8 for the tbars. Install the new upper control arms loosely while you twist the brackets in to position. Install the short bolt and washer going UP through the frame horn with the lock washer and nut on top. Install the original control arms bolts with thread locker, set your coilovers in with the tbars on top of the control arms and tighten everything up. Get a good alignment and re-torque everything after 500 miles.


Disclaimer: These kits are designed for off-road competition use. Professional installation is required!


*Please allow 2-3 days for order processing. I'm a one man operation, so I typically only fill orders Monday and Thursday mornings. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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